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GWAS results for post-noise exposure thresholds in the HMDP.

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posted on 16.04.2015 by Joel Lavinsky, Amanda L. Crow, Calvin Pan, Juemei Wang, Ksenia A. Aaron, Maria K. Ho, Qingzhong Li, Pehzman Salehide, Anthony Myint, Maya Monges-Hernadez, Eleazar Eskin, Hooman Allayee, Aldons J. Lusis, Rick A. Friedman

Manhattan plot showing the association (-log10) p-values (-logP) for 8 kHz in 64 HMDP inbred mouse strains. The analysis was performed using 108,064 SNPs with a minor allele frequency > 5%. Each chromosome is plotted on the x-axis in alternating brown and blue colors. SNPs on Chr. 2 and Chr. 17 for 8 kHz exceeded the predetermined genome-wide significance threshold (-logP = 5.39).