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GSDMB-2 over-expression increases the tumorogenic and the metastatic capacity of MCF7 cells.

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posted on 2014-03-27, 03:23 authored by Marta Hergueta-Redondo, David Sarrió, Ángela Molina-Crespo, Diego Megias, Alba Mota, Alejandro Rojo-Sebastian, Pablo García-Sanz, Saleta Morales, Sandra Abril, Amparo Cano, Héctor Peinado, Gema Moreno-Bueno

(A) Analysis of primary tumor growth after mammary fat pad injection of MCF7-C-LUC and MCF7-G1-LUC and MCF7-G2-LUC cells. Error bars represents the mean value ± s.d. **0.001<p<0.005 by two-way ANOVA. N = 5 mice per group (B) Representative bioluminescence images of mice injected with MCF7-C, MCF7-G1 and MCF7-G2-luciferase cells at week 33. The color scale represents the photon flux (photons per second) emitted. (C) Representative images of hematoxilin and eosin staining (left panels) and GSDMB-HA immunohistochemistry (right panels) in sections obtained from primary mammary tumors of the cells indicated (x20 magnification). Insets (right) are x60 magnification of the corresponding selected areas. (D) Analysis of metastases in mice injected with mCherry-cells (MCF7-C, MCF7-G1 and MCF7-G2). Representative images of mCherry protein expression (in red) within the lungs are shown on the left. Cell nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (blue), x40 magnification. Graph on the right shows the mCherry mRNA expression by qRT-PCR in the lungs of the indicated groups (right) relative to GAPDH.