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GRFT and SVN are only weakly active in HCV replicon assay.

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posted on 21.05.2013, 01:30 by Yutaka Takebe, Carrie J. Saucedo, Garry Lund, Rie Uenishi, Saiki Hase, Takayo Tsuchiura, Norman Kneteman, Koreen Ramessar, D. Lorne J. Tyrrell, Masayuki Shirakura, Takaji Wakita, James B. McMahon, Barry R. O'Keefe

GRFT and SVN were tested in the HCV replicon assay, which does not include viral entry targets. HCV replicon assay was done as described in Materials and Methods using either genotype 1b (A) or 2a (B). The y-axis indicates % inhibition of luciferease activity (light units) (diamond) and cell viability (WST-8 assay) (triangle), respectively. Interferon-a (IFN-α) was used as a positive control.