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GABAA receptors mediate Cl efflux in fetal distal lung epithelial cells: Freshly isolated fetal distal lung epithelial cells (day 19) were labeled with 36Cl in Ringer's solution.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 22:10 by Narendranath Reddy Chintagari, Nili Jin, Li Gao, Yang Wang, Dong Xi, Lin Liu

The cells were then incubated without (control) with 100 µM GABA and/or 100 µM picrotoxin (pic), and incubated for 10 min. An aliquot of the cells (200 µl) was removed every 2 min and quickly centrifuged through 200 µl of silicone oil. The 36Cl radioactivity in cell pellets was counted and normalized to mg protein. The 36Cl efflux rate is expressed as nM/mg/min. (A) Time course, (B) 36Cl efflux rate. Shown are means ±SEM. (n = 4 independent preparations). *p<0.05 v.s. control; #p<0.05 v.s. GABA.