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Functional connections predicted by positive RSFC.

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posted on 2011-11-30, 02:26 authored by Jonathan S. Adelstein, Zarrar Shehzad, Maarten Mennes, Colin G. DeYoung, Xi-Nian Zuo, Clare Kelly, Daniel S. Margulies, Aaron Bloomfield, Jeremy R. Gray, F. Xavier Castellanos, Michael P. Milham

Surface maps of regions whose RSFC with ACC and PCU seeds was predicted by personality. These maps illustrate positive RSFC only. Colors on the surface maps represent RSFC with the seeds shown at the top in corresponding colors. “All domains” refers to all five personality domains combined into a single map. POS = positive relationships (stronger RSFC relationships with higher personality score); NEG = negative relationships (stronger RSFC relationships with lower personality score). N = Neuroticism; E = Extraversion; O = Openness to Experience; A = Agreeableness; C = Conscientiousness.


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