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Functional classes of mRNAs associate with strain dependent changes.

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posted on 2012-08-20, 02:40 authored by Yan Xu, Yanhua Wang, Valérie Besnard, Machiko Ikegami, Susan E. Wert, Caleb Heffner, Stephen A. Murray, Leah Rae Donahue, Jeffrey A. Whitsett

Genes involved in (A) surfactant homeostasis and (B) innate defense were expressed at significantly higher levels in B6 than in A/J mice at E18.5. (C) Histone associated genes and (D) genes involved in chromatin assembly/disassembly were expressed at significantly lower levels in B6 than in A/J mice at E18.5. (E) RT-PCR validation of selected mRNAs encoding chromatin regulators in lungs from B6 and A/J mice at E18.5 is shown. Results are expressed as the means ± SEM of 3 animals per time point.


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