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Functional analyses of CSF1R in cHL.

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posted on 2015-06-12, 02:44 authored by Ana M. Martín-Moreno, Giovanna Roncador, Lorena Maestre, Elena Mata, Scherezade Jiménez, Jorge L. Martínez-Torrecuadrada, Ana I. Reyes-García, Carmen Rubio, José F. Tomás, Mónica Estévez, Karen Pulford, Miguel A. Piris, Juan F. García

(A) Interaction between CSF1R+ macrophages and HRS cells in cHL; above images corresponds to double immunostaining for CSF1R (brown) and CD30 (red), below images corresponds to double immunofluorescence for CSF1R (red) and CD30 (green). While CSFR1 protein expression was observed in cells around HRS, CSFR1 protein was not detected in the CD30+ HRS cells. (B) Kaplan–Meier analyses of survival for CD68 and CSF1R. (C) Western blot analyses of CSF1R protein before and after removal of phosphatase residues with lambda protein phosphatase (AF) using protein extracts from two nodular sclerosis cHL tumour samples and two tonsils. The 150 kDa protein band present in the cHL samples was lost after lambda protein phosphatase treatment.