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Fsn0503 inhibits angiogenesis in vivo; CD34 Immunohistochemical analysis of Fsn0503 treated tumors.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 23:41 by Claire Ward, Diana Kuehn, Roberta E. Burden, Julie A. Gormley, Thomas J. Jaquin, Mihaela Gazdoiu, Donna Small, Roy Bicknell, James A. Johnston, Christopher J. Scott, Shane A. Olwill

(A) Pattern of small vessel (white arrows) and large vessel (black arrows) distribution in isotype control and Fsn0503 treated tumors (10 mg/kg 5 times a week for 4 weeks) (20×). (B) Analysis of total vessel number as characterized by CD34 staining shows that Fsn0503 caused an increase in small vessel number and a significant decrease in the number of large vessels (p<0.001). (C) A significant reduction is observed in the mean vessel area of tumours treated with Fsn0503 (p<0.001).