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Frequencies of correctness scores in the no-LOOCV of full-length query sets.

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posted on 2013-10-18, 03:06 authored by Akifumi S. Tanabe, Hirokazu Toju

The number of correctly identified taxonomic levels is used as an index representing the degree of correctness of taxonomic assignment. This correctness index has the maximum value 6 when the taxonomic information at all the phylum/division, class, order, family, genus, and species levels is correctly assigned. On the other hand, the index has the minimum value 0 when taxonomic information at all the six taxonomic levels is erroneously assigned to a query or a query remains unidentified even at the phylum/division level. 1NN, 5NN, 97%, 99%, Bar, CNJ, RDP, NNC, and QC means 1-NN, 5-NN, 97%-NN, 99%-NN, Barcoder, ConstrainedNJ, RDPClassifier, NNCauto, and QCauto methods, respectively. (a) Animal COX1. (b) Bacterial/Archaeal 16S. (c) Fungal ITS. (d) Plant matK. (e) Plant rbcL. (f) Plant trnH-psbA.