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Formation of the Stat1-nucleolin complex in human monocytes is mediated by the M-CSFR.

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posted on 21.02.2013, 03:28 by Uwe Jerke, Sergey Tkachuk, Julia Kiyan, Victoria Stepanova, Angelika Kusch, Michael Hinz, Rainer Dietz, Hermann Haller, Bianca Fuhrman, Inna Dumler

(A) Lysates of non-, control- or M-CSFR- infected THP-1 cells were immunoblotted with anti-M-CSFR antibody (upper left panel). Autophosphorylation of M-CSFR in M-CSFR-expressing THP-1 cells after stimulation with CSF-1 was detected by phospho-specific anti-M-CSFR IgG (upper right panel). (B) M-CSFR- expressing THP-1 cells were stimulated with CSF-1 and taken for pull-down experiments. (C) Human peripheral blood-derived monocytes (Mo) were stimulated with CSF-1 and used for pull-down assay as indicated in above. Crude cell lysates were included to demonstrate equal protein expression of Stat1 and Ncl after CSF-1 stimulation.


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