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Fluorescence intensity profiles (A and C) and the corresponding plots of 1/ΔFI versus [L] (B and D) for ERCC192–214 in presence of compounds 12 (A and B) and 10 (C and D).

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posted on 19.02.2013, 18:39 by Khaled H. Barakat, Lars P. Jordheim, Rolando Perez-Pineiro, David Wishart, Charles Dumontet, Jack A. Tuszynski

Fluorescence intensity profiles were obtained by monitoring the Tryptophan quenching of ERCC192-214 (20 µM) in the presence of ligand 12 (a-0 µM, b-10 µM, c-20 µM, d-40 µM, e-60 µM, f-80 µM, g-160, h-320 µM) and 10 (a-0 µM, b-5 µM, c-10 µM, d-20 µM, e-40 µM, f-60 µM) at the excitation wavelenght of 295 nm. In red, fluorescence intensity profile for ERCC192–214 alone.