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Fluctuations of Phe43 cavity residues.

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posted on 2012-12-27, 02:07 authored by Anil Korkut, Wayne A. Hendrickson

(A) Identification of residues that line the Phe43 cavity in HIV gp120. The point of view is as in Fig. 1A, but rotated clockwise about the page normal by approximately 40°. (B) RMS residue fluctuations of Phe43-cavity lining residues as driven by the linear combination of the 10 slowest modes from full atomic normal mode analysis. Values are shown in bars for the identified residues from isolated gp120 (light blue) and for gp120 complexed with CD4 D1 (burgundy), F23 (pale yellow) and CD4M33 (pale turquoise). Residues are placed in neighboring order, starting from W112 at upper left and moving roughly clockwise as viewed in Fig. 7A.