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Fixations in experiment 1.

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posted on 05.01.2016, 14:53 by Günter KuglerGünter Kugler, Bernard Marius ‘t Hart, Stefan Kohlbecher, Wolfgang Einhäuser, Erich Schneider

(Top) The proportion of fixations on the relevant half of items is shown (only target absent trials). In positive cue (blue), relevant items are of the color given in the instruction. These items are spatially identical in the negative cue (red), but of various colors. Dots depict mean values of each individual, lines are the means for each group. As half of the items are relevant and half of the items irrelevant, 0.5 represents chance level. (Bottom) Number of fixations per fixated item. Items are refixated significantly more often in negative cue (red) compared to positive cue (blue), despite high individual variation.


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