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Fish counterparts of trim35 constitute multigenic subsets.

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posted on 15.07.2011, 01:58 by Pierre Boudinot, Lieke M. van der Aa, Luc Jouneau, Louis Du Pasquier, Pierre Pontarotti, Valérie Briolat, Abdenour Benmansour, Jean-Pierre Levraud

(A) Distance tree produced by ClustalW (Neighbor joining; boostrap = 1000) for the zebrafish TRIM35/HLTR sequences and representative TRIM sequences from other species. Relevant boostrap values are indicated. Separate phylogenetic analyses of the RBB (B) and B30.2 (C) regions of TRIM35 and other representative TRIM using Clustalw (Neighbor joining; boostrap = 1000). The same analyses were performed with PHYML and led to consistent trees. Sequences integrated into the trees: DareBty: zebrafish bloodthirsty (NP_001018311); DareFtr: zebrafish fintrim (XM_692536); GaacFtr: stickleback fintrim; OrlaFtr: medaka fintrim (ENSORLP00000003320); OnmyFtr: rainbow trout fintrim (AM887799); DareTr25: zebrafish trim25 (NP_956469); SasaTr25: salmon trim25 (gene index TC35355 accessible at; GagaTr25: chicken trim25 (XP_415653); XetrTr25: Xenopus tropicalis Trim25 (Ensembl Xenopus genome scaffold255: 821309_819660); HosaTr25: human Trim25 (Q14258); GagaTr35 : chicken trim35 (ENSGALP00000026735); AncaTr35: lizard trim35 (ENSACAP00000002320); HosaTr35: human trim35 (NP_741983.2); MumuTr35: mouse trim35 (ENSMUSP00000022623); GaacTr35: stickleback TRIM35 (ENSGACP00000004694); OrlaTr35: medaka Trim35; TeniTr35: pufferfish Trim35; dareTr35: zebrafish Trim35-8 (ENSDARP00000064945); HosaTr21: human Trim 21 (NP_003132); HosaTr11: human Trim 11 (NP_660215); HosaTr60: human Trim 60 (AAI00986). The IDs of the other TRIM35 sequences from zebrafish used in (A) are available in Figure S1.