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Firing responses of P cells.

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posted on 06.10.2011, 02:01 by Robert B. Levy, Alex D. Reyes

A, left, Average number of action potentials evoked in the first 50 ms of stimulus of cells at different radial distances from the center (abscissa) for broad (σ  = 110 µm) and narrow (σ  = 40 µm) thalamic inputs (Nmax  = 60). Right, plot of counts at the peak of the profiles vs σ for Nmax = 60 and 100. B, left, spatial profile of average counts for Nmax = 60 and 100 with σ fixed at 40 µm. Right, plot of peak counts vs Nmax for σ  = 40, 75 and 110 µm. C, left, networks stimulated with 2 inputs (S1 & S2), with S2 at different positions (Δx) in the network. Nmax = 60. Middle, average counts evoked vs Δx for narrow input (σ = 40 µm). Right, average counts vs Δx for broad input (σ = 110 µm).


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