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posted on 2013-02-21, 12:46 authored by Natalay Kouprina, Vladimir N. Noskov, Adam Pavlicek, N. Keith Collins, Pamela D. Schoppee Bortz, Chris Ottolenghi, Dmitri Loukinov, Paul Goldsmith, John I. Risinger, Jung-Hyun Kim, V. Anne Westbrook, Gregory Solomon, Hanna Sounders, John C. Herr, Jerzy Jurka, Victor Lobanenkov, David Schlessinger, Vladimir Larionov

In vitro interaction of CTCF with the promoter sequences of SPANX genes. (a) EMSA was carried out with either control lysate (−) or lysate containing the in vitro translated 11 ZF DNA binding domain of CTCF protein (+). The positions of the bound CTCF-DNA complexes, containing the 11ZF domain, are indicated on the left by arrow (shift). Free DNA probe is also indicated (free). Control: a positive control (c-myc promoter) of the EMSA reaction. (b) A schematic representation of the overlapping fragments of the SPANX-N promoter DNA sequences used in EMSA. The −195 to −43 bp is the smallest fragment showing retarded migration (red box). The ATG is considered as +1. On the right is CTCF binding of the fragments (+ positive; − negative).