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posted on 2013-02-21, 13:06 authored by Nader Pourmand, Lisa Diamond, Rebecca Garten, Julianna P. Erickson, Jochen Kumm, Ruben O. Donis, Ronald W. Davis

Panels A–I: Pyrograms obtained by pyrosequencing of sample A/Vietnam/HN30408/2005 with the HS 96 system. Peaks above a given nucleotide sample indicate nucleotide incorporation (with height proportional to number of consecutive incorporation events). Initial pyrosequencing was performed with systematic nucleotide dispensation for de novo sequencing (pre-programmed dispensation runs can also be performed). Panel J: Map of the HA sequence of A/Vietnam/HN30408/2005 obtained by Sanger sequencing; pyrosequencing data is overlaid and color-coded to show correlation between the sequence data obtained by the two methods. Reverse-primed pyrosequencing results should be read as reverse complements. For clarity, primers and biologically significant sequence segments are colored to correspond to the sequence map presented in Figure 1.