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Fibrin deposition dynamics from individuals with FVIII deficiencies.

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posted on 13.11.2013, 02:57 by Abimbola A. Onasoga-Jarvis, Karin Leiderman, Aaron L. Fogelson, Michael Wang, Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson, Jorge A. Di Paola, Keith B. Neeves

(A) Fibrin density as a function of time for a normal control (◊) and hemophilia samples with plasma FVIII levels of 11.1% (▵), 3.1% (□), and 0.4% (○). The dynamics of fibrin deposition were quantified by three metrics: (B) Maximum fibrin density, which is the integrated fluorescence of the fibrino(gen) signal at the end of the 5 min. assay. (C) The lag time, which is the time to 10% of the maximum fibrin density for normal controls (4 RFU). (D) The velocity, which is the slope of the fibrin density curve from the lag time to the end of the assay. Each data point (•) represents a single individual with either normal or deficient FVIII levels.