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Fetal plasma sex steroid concentrations.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 15:19 by Mick Rae, Cathal Grace, Kirsten Hogg, Lisa Marie Wilson, Sophie L. McHaffie, Seshadri Ramaswamy, Janis MacCallum, Fiona Connolly, Alan S. McNeilly, Colin Duncan

In female fetuses, d62 MI-TP administration increased testosterone concentrations significantly, up to levels similar to that found in male fetuses (d90 vehicle vs TP, P<0.01). Female plasma estradiol was significantly increased by d62 MI-TP treatment at d90 gestation (P<0.05) beyond that of male fetal plasma (d90 female vehicle n = 6, MI-TP n = 8; male vehicle n = 10).