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Features of false positives events detected in calibration samples.

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posted on 2015-06-12, 02:54 authored by Elisa Contini, Irene Paganini, Roberta Sestini, Luisa Candita, Gabriele Lorenzo Capone, Lorenzo Barbetti, Serena Falconi, Sabrina Frusconi, Irene Giotti, Costanza Giuliani, Francesca Torricelli, Matteo Benelli, Laura Papi

(a) Boxplot of VAFs of events detected by MuTect (SNVs) and IndelGenotyperV2 (InDels). n is the total number of detected events, n* is the mean number of events (per sample) with the corresponding standard deviation. (b) Histogram of events recurrence among calibration samples (n = 30) for SNVs (black) and InDels (grey). Corresponding cumulative percentages are reported in dashed black (SNVs) and grey (InDels) lines.