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FGF-9 Blunts Monocyte Infiltration in Infarcted Diabetic Myocardium.

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posted on 2015-03-13, 04:16 authored by Dinender K. Singla, Reetu D. Singla, Latifa S. Abdelli, Carley Glass

A-O: Representative photomicrographs illustrate CD14 positive monocytes in red (A, F, and K), cardiac myocytes in green (B, G, and L), total nuclei in blue (C, H, and M), merged images (D, I, and N), and enhanced merged images (E, J, and O) for all control and experimental groups. White arrows are used to show the areas enhanced in D, I, and N. Scale bar = 75μm. P: Histogram of quantitative monocyte infiltration data 2 weeks post-MI. n = 5 animals/group. *p<0.05 vs. sham and #p<0.05 vs. MI.