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Ezrin is necessary for cAMP mediated inhibition of NHE3, but not for the phosphorylation of NHE3 at serines 552 or 605.

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posted on 2013-02-06, 01:25 authored by Hisayoshi Hayashi, Atsushi Tamura, Devishree Krishnan, Sachiko Tsukita, Yuichi Suzuki, Hetal S. Kocinsky, Peter S. Aronson, John Orlowski, Sergio Grinstein, R. Todd Alexander

C) Representative immunoblots and quantification (n = 3) of the phosphorylation of NHE3 at serine 605 A) and 552 B) of cells treated with forskolin/IBMX or vehicle, after transfection with either non-targeting siRNA or siRNA targeted against ezrin. D) NHE3 activity after treatment with forskolin/IBMX (pink squares and light blue crosses) or vehicle (yellow triangles or blue diamonds), after transfection with either non-targeting siRNA (blue diamond or pink square) or siRNA targeted against ezrin (yellow triangles or light blue crosses). E) Quantification of sodium dependent recovery of pH over the first 60 s of recovery after switching to sodium containing medium for the traces displayed in D. The data are represented as the mean ± SEM of at least 8 different experiments per condition, * represents a p value <0.05.