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Extracellular Hsp72 does not induce or inhibit cytokine release from pleural mesothelial cells.

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posted on 2013-05-21, 10:32 authored by Julius F. Varano della Vergiliana, Sally M. Lansley, Jose M. Porcel, Silvia Bielsa, Jeremy S. Brown, Jenette Creaney, Suzanna E. L. Temple, Grant W. Waterer, Y. C. Gary Lee

The ability of a highly purified, recombinant Hsp72 preparation to induce inflammatory cytokine release from pleural mesothelial cells was determined (A and B). MeT-5ACells were treated with the indicated doses of Hsp72 or PMA as a positive control, and MCP-1 (A) and VEGF (B) release measured 24 hr post-treatment by ELISA. In separate experiments, the anti-inflammatory effects of extracellular Hsp72 were examined (C and D). Cells were pre-treated with Hsp72 for 2 hr, followed by treatment with TNF-α (C) or thrombin (D) for an additional 24 hr to induce MCP-1 release. In contrast to PMA stimulated MeT-5A cells, treatment with Hsp72 had no impact on cytokine release. The data are presented as the mean ± SEM of three independent experiments performed in triplicate. NS, not significant.