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Expression profiles of 10 aminopeptidase-like genes in the larvae of Cry1Ab resistant and susceptible strains of European corn borer.

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posted on 2011-08-24, 01:10 authored by Chitvan Khajuria, Lawrent L. Buschman, Ming-Shun Chen, Blair D. Siegfried, Kun Yan Zhu

Expression data was generated from two pairs of resistance and susceptible strains: (A) RSTT-R and Europe-S and (B) SKY-R and KY-S. Bars represent relative expression for a particular gene for resistant and susceptible ECB strains based on real-time PCR values. There were three biological replications and two technical replications. Asterik (*) indicates the significant difference at p value <0.01. Gel picture for RT-PCR for the OnAPP gene is given in the upper left corner. RPS3 gene was used as a reference gene.