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Expression patterns of TaNAC67 in common wheat.

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posted on 10.01.2014, 02:45 by Xinguo Mao, Shuangshuang Chen, Ang Li, Chaochao Zhai, Ruilian Jing

Expression patterns of TaNAC67 in different tissues at different developmental stages (A) and under stress treatments with ABA, PEG (−0.5 MPa), salt (NaCl) and low temperature (LT) (B). Two-leaf seedlings of common wheat cv. Hanxuan 10 were exposed to abiotic stresses as described in Materials and Methods. The 2−ΔΔCT method was used to measure relative expression levels of the target gene in stressed and non-stressed leaves. Three samples were collected for each time point per treatment, and the experiments for each sample were triplicate. Means were generated from three biological replications; bars indicate standard errors. SL, seedling leaves; SR, seedling roots; BS, booting spindles; ES, emerging spikes; PEG, PEG-6000; LT, low temperature.