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Expression of wildtype growth plate zone gene signatures in ColXN617K, Xbp1CartΔEx2, and C/X hypertrophic zones.

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posted on 15.09.2015, 03:14 by Trevor L. Cameron, Katrina M. Bell, Irma L. Gresshoff, Lisa Sampurno, Lorna Mullan, Joerg Ermann, Laurie H. Glimcher, Raymond P. Boot-Handford, John F. Bateman

Heatmaps depicting the relative fold difference (log fold change) of microarray probes representing (A) 773 wildtype (Wt) proliferative zone signature genes and (B) 510 Wt hypertrophic zone signature genes following the comparison of C/X versus Xbp1CartΔEx2, ColXN617K versus Wt, and Xbp1CartΔEx2 versus Wt hypertrophic zones; N = 3. For both heatmaps, each Wt growth plate zone signature gene is represented by a single bar, colour-coded according to relative expression as indicated, with up-regulated probes coloured yellow, and down-regulated probes coloured red.