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Expression of selected transcription factors in G-2 cells.

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posted on 2010-08-11, 02:16 authored by Florian Wegwitz, Mark-Andreas Kluth, Claudia Mänz, Benjamin Otto, Katharina Gruner, Christina Heinlein, Marion Kühl, Gabriele Warnecke, Udo Schumacher, Wolfgang Deppert, Genrich V. Tolstonog

(A) Hierarchical cluster analysis of microarray gene expression data. 73 genes coding for transcription factors (Table S1) were selected to generate a heat map. Gene expression log2-ratios are displayed with gene expression intensities of the mammary gland of a parous BALB/c mouse (50 days post weaning; Inv50pw) serving as reference. The relative expression values are color coded: red – high expression, blue – low. (B–D) Relative quantitation of gene expression by real-time qPCR in CD24ahigh/CD49fhigh and CD24alow/CD49flow (B), Thy1high and Thy1low (C) G-2 cell subsets, and G-2 cells transfected with Sox10 or control siRNA (D), respectively. Each assay was done in triplicate, and raw RQ values were calculated by normalizing to the Gapdh gene. (E) siRNA-mediated Sox10 depletion increases the number of Thy1-expressing cells. G-2 and G-2C10 cells were transfected with Sox10 or control siRNA and were analyzed for Thy1 expression by FACS after 5 days culture. A representative analysis is shown.


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