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Expression of co-stimulatory molecules by monocytes in kidney transplant recipients.

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posted on 2013-07-29, 01:45 authored by Elly J. F. Vereyken, Marina D. Kraaij, Carla C. Baan, Farhad Rezaee, Willem Weimar, Kathryn J. Wood, Pieter J. M. Leenen, Ajda T. Rowshani

(A) HLA-DR expression was decreased after Tx compared to recipients at the time of Tx. (B) The percentage of HLA-DR positive monocytes was significantly increased at the time of Tx compared to healthy controls. CD80 expression (C) and the percentage of CD80 positive monocytes (D) did not differ between recipients at time of Tx and healthy controls. The CD40 expression (E) and the percentage of CD40 expressing monocytes (F) were similar in all the groups tested. Healthy controls (n = 33), recipients at Tx (n = 30), 3 months post-Tx (n = 19), and 6 months post-Tx (n = 16).