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Expression of P2RX5 by human T cells is highly dynamic and activation-dependent.

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posted on 02.09.2014, 03:38 by Pierre Abramowski, Christoph Ogrodowczyk, Roland Martin, Olaf Pongs

A, Stimulation of human CD4+ TCCs resulted in a significant increase in frequencies of cells expressing P2RX5 on the cell surface. B, Notably, surface expression levels were also upregulated. C, P2RX5 expression was considerably lower on the surface of HEK293 cells. D, Summary of significantly increased frequencies of surface P2RX5-expressing TCCs upon stimulation. Cell surface expression of P2RX5 was also upregulated on CD4+ TCCs. Bars represent mean values ±SEM. Statistical analysis was performed by paired t-test, **p<0.01. E, Sequencing of two CD4+ TCCs cultivated under stimulated (+) or unstimulated (−) conditions revealed that human Th1 and Th1/2 cells were expressing a transcript variant of P2RX5 lacking exon 10.