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Expression of GIT1-C affects cell morphology and the distribution of endogenous liprin-α1.

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posted on 13.06.2011, 01:53 authored by Claudia Asperti, Veronica Astro, Emanuela Pettinato, Simona Paris, Angela Bachi, Ivan de Curtis

(A) COS7 cells transfected for one day with either FLAG-GIT1, FLAG-GIT1-C, or FLAG-βGalactosidase were re-plated for 1 h on FN. Immunofluorescence for the transfected proteins (FLAG), paxillin, and phalloidin staining for F-actin. Scale bar, 20 µm. Below, 3-fold enlargements of areas from cells stained for paxillin (arrowheads in the corresponding cells above) are shown. (B) Expression of GIT1-C induces a significant increase of cell spreading on FN. Bars are means ± SEM (n = 116–121 cells per condition); *P<0.05. (C) Cells transfected with either FLAG-βGalactosidase or FLAG-GIT1-C were used for triple immunofluorescence staining with antibodies for endogenous liprin-α1, paxillin, and transfected proteins (FLAG): endogenous liprin-α1 accumulates at the edge of GIT1-C-transfected cells. Scale bar, 5 µm.