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Expression of β-gal in viral vector transduced livers.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 05:04 authored by Ashley T. Martino, Sushrusha Nayak, Brad E. Hoffman, Mario Cooper, Gongxian Liao, David M. Markusic, Barry J. Byrne, Cox Terhorst, Roland W. Herzog

Sections from C57BL/6 mice (3 per animal; separated by 24 microns) were stained for β-gal enzyme activity and counterstained with hemotoxylin nuclear stain. A. Representative images of livers from AAV-LacZ transduced mice (6 weeks or 12 weeks after gene transfer); AAV-LacZ/Ad-LacZ transduced mice (10 days or 45 days after Ad-LacZ administration, which occurred 6 weeks after the initial AAV-LacZ gene transfer); and Ad-LacZ only transduced mice (10 and 45 days after gene transfer). Arrows point toward examples of β-gal+ hepatocytes in AAV-LacZ only transduced livers. Original magnification: 100x. B-C. Percentages of β-gal expressing hepatocytes at day10 (B) or day 45 (C) after Ad-LacZ gene transfer. Data are average±SD for n = 4 mice/experimental group.