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Expression levels of RNAi-related genes from pathogenically infected midguts as analyzed by deep sequencing and validated by qRT-PCR.

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posted on 2015-03-27, 03:52 authored by Anna Kolliopoulou, Filip Van Nieuwerburgh, Dimitrios J. Stravopodis, Dieter Deforce, Luc Swevers, Guy Smagghe

Indicated is the fold change in expression of selected genes between persistent and pathogenic infection as obtained by qRT-PCR on 2nd instar samples (qPCR-2) or by deep sequencing on both 2nd and 4th instar samples (DS-2 and DS-4, respectively). Please note that fold changes are expressed as log2 values (a 2-fold up- or down-regulation corresponds to a log2 value of 1 or -1, respectively). See Table 5 and [64] for further explanation on gene identity and function.