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Expression levels of BCL2 family members in a panel of BRAF mutant cell lines undergoing BRAF inhibition.

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posted on 2014-07-01, 02:59 authored by Dennie T. Frederick, Roberto A. Salas Fragomeni, Aislyn Schalck, Isabel Ferreiro-Neira, Taylor Hoff, Zachary A. Cooper, Rizwan Haq, David J. Panka, Lawrence N. Kwong, Michael A. Davies, James C. Cusack, Keith T. Flaherty, David E. Fisher, James W. Mier, Jennifer A. Wargo, Ryan J. Sullivan

(A) mRNA expression levels of various BCL2 family members were quantified by real-time PCR changes and are plotted as log fold difference from vector control (DMSO). (B) Across our panel of cell lines, BCL2-W and BIM increased significantly from control in the context of BRAF inhibition. PLX4720 (1 µM) was used as BRAF inhibitor.