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Exogenous NPY stimulate proliferation of hHSC through p38 MAP, PI3K and MEK.

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posted on 03.09.2013 by Barbara Sigala, Chad McKee, Junpei Soeda, Valerio Pazienza, Maelle Morgan, Ching-I Lin, Clare Selden, Sara Vander Borght, Gianluigi Mazzoccoli, Tania Roskams, Manlio Vinciguerra, Jude A. Oben

NPY proliferative effects on hHSC were inhibited by PT and WT. Results (mean ±SEM of triplicate responses in one typical experiment) are expressed as a percentage of the response in serum free control wells. Similar results have been obtained on at least three other occasions. SF, serum free; *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.