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Exogenous LL-37 promotes an early neutrophil response to P. aeruginosa in cathelicidin-deficient mice.

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posted on 02.06.2014, 03:03 by Paula E. Beaumont, Brian McHugh, Emily Gwyer Findlay, Annie Mackellar, Karen J. Mackenzie, Richard L. Gallo, John R. W. Govan, A. John Simpson, Donald J. Davidson

Camp−/− mice were inoculated with 3×107 cfu of P. aeruginosa PAO1 and 10 µg LL-37 peptide or PBS by intranasal delivery. At 6 hours (a) or 24 hours (b) after inoculation mice were culled and their lungs were lavaged. BALF was cytocentrifuged and differential counts were conducted for neutrophils. Data show Tukey box and whiskers plots for n≥8 animals per condition. Analyses were conducted using the Mann Whitney test; * p<0.05.