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Exemplary illustration of perfusion MRI.

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posted on 19.02.2013, 17:32 by Fabian Zimmer, Frank G. Zöllner, Simone Hoeger, Sarah Klotz, Charalambos Tsagogiorgas, Bernhard K. Krämer, Lothar R. Schad

Exemplary illustration of perfusion MRI of a rat with left-side AKI and perfusion maps. (A) True-FISP M0 image of an ASL measurement and the corresponding perfusion map (B). (C) TWIST post-contrast agent injection image and the corresponding RBF map (D). All drawings show the same rat and the same axial slice. Differences between the kidney with AKI and the contralateral kidney are clearly visible on the MRI images as well as on the perfusion maps.