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Excretion of 80 nm x 320 nm hydrogel nanoparticles from the alimentary tract of Anopheles gambiae females following a 1 d oral challenge.

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posted on 2015-05-21, 03:06 authored by Cynthia C. H. Paquette, Yashdeep Phanse, Jillian L. Perry, Irma Sánchez-Vargas, Paul M. Airs, Brendan M. Dunphy, Jing Xu, Jonathan O. Carlson, J. Christopher Luft, Joseph M. DeSimone, Lyric C. Bartholomay, Barry J. Beaty

Excretion of negatively charged NPs resulted in larger and brighter fluorescence spots on filter paper lining the cages than excreted positively charged NPs. Bar = 1 μm.