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Ex vivo IFN-γ response against CHIKV E2, nsP1 or capsid and EBV.

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posted on 23.12.2013 by Jean-Jacques Hoarau, Frederick Gay, Olivier Pellé, Assia Samri, Marie-Christine Jaffar-Bandjee, Philippe Gasque, Brigitte Autran

PBMCs from 48 patients were tested using an IFN-γ ELISpot after challenging against CHIKV E2, capsid or nsP1 pools of peptides or EBV. A) Profile of the T cell specific response to CHIKV compared to EBV. B) Positive correlation between the IFN-γ T cell response against CHIKV and EBV. The correlation (r) and p values are indicated. C) Anti-EBV IFN-γ T cell response between anti-CHIKV responders and Non-Responders. D) Distribution of the IFN-γ response of patients PBMC according to their clinical status. A & D) For each condition, the percentage or responders (bars) and the corresponding intensity of response against CHIKV (number of spot-forming cells (SFC)) expressed as means ± SEM per million of PBMC (dots) are represented.