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Evolution of CMV seed transmission, virus accumulation and virulence across passages of vertical transmission.

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posted on 31.07.2014 by Israel Pagán, Nuria Montes, Michael G. Milgroom, Fernando García-Arenal

Seed transmission rate (A) was estimated from the number of infected seedlings out of 100 seeds per plant. Virus accumulation (B) was measured as µg of viral RNA per g of fresh leaf tissue. Virulence (C) is represented as one minus the ratio of seed weight in infected to mock-inoculated plants: 1−(SWi/SWm). Data are plotted as mean±standard error of the five independent lineages in each passage for Fny-CMV (blue squares), De72-CMV (red triangles) and LS-CMV (green diamonds). The black line in each panel represents the fitted regression line for lineages of all three strains combined.