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Evidence of dual ectopic thyroid tissue by thyroid scintigraphy in 6 cases in our study.

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posted on 18.04.2014, 10:01 by Zhaowei Meng, Shanshan Lou, Jian Tan, Qiang Jia, Rongxiu Zheng, Geli Liu, Mei Zhu, Qing He, Dong Li

Thyroid scintigraphy was performed as described in Materials and Methods. Dual ectopic thyroid tissue were identified in 6 cases, who displayed 2 focal areas of abnormal radiotracer uptakes in the sublingual and subhyoid regions in thyroid scintigraphies. No evidence of radiotracer uptakes in the regions of orthotopic thyroid was found. Anterior and lateral views of patient 1 and patient 2 were presented. Anterior views of the other 4 patients were shown as well.