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Evaluation of K16ApoE-mediated delivery of IgG (A) and IgM (B) in brain by microSPECT.

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posted on 21.12.2011, 00:10 by Gobinda Sarkar, Geoffry L. Curran, Eric Mahlum, Teresa Decklever, Thomas M. Wengenack, Anthony Blahnik, Bridget Hoesley, Val J. Lowe, Joseph F. Poduslo, Robert B. Jenkins

Imaging was done at 1 h interval up to six hours, after which cardiac perfusion was performed, and final imaging carried out 30 min after perfusion. Blue bars – delivery with K16ApoE; red bars – delivery without K16ApoE. The upward arrows at time 6 h indicate time when cardiac perfusion was performed. Right panel – microSPECT images of mice head after perfusion after delivery of radiolabeled IgG and IgM. B – brain; S – salivary gland; T – thyroid.