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Estrogen receptor-α activation does not alter whole heart function.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 01:39 by Justyna Kulpa, Nirmala Chinnappareddy, W. Glen Pyle

Hearts were perfused on a Langendorff apparatus to establish baseline pressures. The final 5 min (-5 to 0 min) before PPT treatment were taken as the baseline. Some hearts were treated with 1 µM SB203580 to inhibit p38 MAPK. PPT treatment had no significant effect on A. left ventricular end systolic or B. diastolic pressure. Neither C. rate of pressure development nor D. rate of relaxation were altered by PPT. p38 MAPK inhibition with SB203580 did not differ from controls in any parameter. (N = 6 for all time points). *P<0.05 vs Control.


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