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Estimates of the average turnover rates of human T cells.

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posted on 05.02.2010, 01:21 by Vitaly V. Ganusov, José A. M. Borghans, Rob J. De Boer

Data on deuterium labeling of CD4+ (panel A) and CD8+ (panel B) T cells in four healthy humans were fitted with three different models: the Asymptote model (empty bars), the Exponential model (gray bars), in which a fraction of the cells have exponentially-distributed turnover rates, and the Gamma model (black bars) with gamma-distributed turnover rates. Best fits of the data are shown in Figure 6, and estimates of all parameters of the models are shown in Table S2 and S3. Confidence intervals were obtained by bootstrapping the residuals with 1000 simulations. Note that all models deliver very similar estimates for the average turnover rate , with the exception of the estimated CD8+ T-cell turnover rates in individual c1 which are highly model-dependent.