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Enzymatic reaction and multiple sequence alignment of DHDPS.

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posted on 13.12.2013, 02:44 by Con Dogovski, Michael A. Gorman, Natalia E. Ketaren, Judy Praszkier, Leanne M. Zammit, Haydyn D. Mertens, Gary Bryant, Ji Yang, Michael D. W. Griffin, F. Grant Pearce, Juliet A. Gerrard, Geoffrey B. Jameson, Michael W. Parker, Roy M. Robins-Browne, Matthew A. Perugini

(A) Condensation reaction catalyzed by DHDPS. (B) Multiple sequence alignment of DHDPS sequences from bacteria, namely S. pneumoniae (Sp), B. anthracis (Ba), S. aureus (Sa), and E. coli (Ec), and also the plant species N. sylvestris (Ns). Conserved active-site residues are shaded grey.


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