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Enhanced subventricular progenitor cell survival and increased size of Tg2576 mouse neurospheres after (+)-phenserine exposure.

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posted on 30.01.2013, 02:31 by Anna M. Lilja, Yu Luo, Qian-sheng Yu, Jennie Röjdner, Yazhou Li, Ann M. Marini, Amelia Marutle, Agneta Nordberg, Nigel H. Greig

Representative images show SVZ progenitor cells exposed to vehicle or 0.01 µM (+)-phenserine (A). Effects of the MEK1/2 inhibitor U0126, MEK1 inhibitor PD98059, and PKC inhibitor GF109203X on neurosphere size and neurosphere density in the presence of (+)-phenserine are shown in (B). ***P<0.001 compared to control samples without (+)-phenserine or inhibitor, ##P<0.01 and ###P<0.001 compared to samples with (+)-phenserine only (one-way ANOVA followed by Bonferronís multiple comparison post hoc test). The number of neurospheres composed of SVZ progenitor cells, isolated from the lateral (LGE) and medial (MGE) ganglionic eminence at embryonic day 13.5, were measured 7 days after exposure to 0.05, 0.1 and 1 µM (+)-phenserine (C). *p<0.05, **p<0.01, and ***p<0.001 compared to samples without (+)-phenserine. Data were analysed with one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnetts post hoc test. Results are expressed as mean ± SEM.