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Engraftment potential of CD34+ hematopoietic cells.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 04:19 authored by Maneesh Singh, Pratibha Singh, Gilles Gaudray, Lucia Musumeci, Caroline Thielen, Dolores Vaira, Claire Vandergeeten, Laurence Delacroix, Ellen Van Gulck, Guido Vanham, Laurence de Leval, Souad Rahmouni, Michel Moutschen

(A) Flow cytometric analysis of murine and human CD45+ cells in the peripheral blood of NSG mice of two different groups, representative profiles of the mice engraftment levels after 12 and 22 weeks after CD34+ cells transplantation. (B) Engraftment levels of human CD45+ cells in peripheral blood up to 306 days after transplantation in group 1 and group 7. (C) White blood cell counts at 12 and 22 weeks post-engraftment in group 7 mice along with human control.