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Endothelial biomarkers differentiate retinopathy validated cerebral malaria (CM-R) from uncomplicated malaria (UM) and children with fever and decreased consciousness due to other causes (CNS).

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posted on 2010-12-29, 02:42 authored by Andrea L. Conroy, Happy Phiri, Michael Hawkes, Simon Glover, Mac Mallewa, Karl B. Seydel, Terrie E. Taylor, Malcolm E. Molyneux, Kevin C. Kain

Graphs showing the median and scatter of plasma biomarkers (A) Ang-2 (ng/mL), (B) Ang-1(ng/mL), (C) Ang-2:Ang-1, (D) VWF propeptide (VWFpp, mmol/L), (E) VWF (mmol/L), (F) sTie-2 (ng/mL), (G) sICAM-1 (ng/mL), (H) VEGF (ng/mL) and (I) IP-10 (ng/mL) levels in UM, non-malarial febrile illness with decreased consciousness (CNS) or retinopathy validated cerebral malaria (CM-R) as measured by ELISA (Mann-Whitney). ns (not significant, p>0.05), *p<0.05 after Holms correction for multiple comparisons (9 pair-wise comparisons). The limit of detection is represented by a dotted line (VEGF).