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Endocytotic function of MECs is impacted by elevated pressure.

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posted on 2011-05-17, 01:31 authored by Xiaorong Xin, Bin Fan, Josef Flammer, Neil R. Miller, Gregor P. Jaggi, Hanspeter E. Killer, Peter Meyer, Albert Neutzner

Ben-Men-I cells (A) or PMECs (B) were treated with elevated pressure for two days and fluorescent latex beads were added to assess endocytotic activity by fluorescence microscopy (>100 cells scored/condition). Ben-Men-I cells (Student's t-test: p<0.01, marked with ** for highly significant) as well as PMECs (Student's t-test: p<0.05, marked with * for significant) showed a significant decrease in endocytotic activity after pressure treatment compared to control treated cells (shown is a representative result of three independent experiments; error bars represent SD).


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