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Electron microscopy of autophagosomes in RV-infected cells.

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posted on 15.04.2014 by Francesca Arnoldi, Giuditta De Lorenzo, Miguel Mano, Elisabeth M. Schraner, Peter Wild, Catherine Eichwald, Oscar R. Burrone

High-definition electron microscopy of non-infected (A) and RV-infected (SA11 strain; MOI, 250 VFU/ml) (B and C) MA104 cells at 14 hpi. V, viroplasms; Nu, nucleus; black arrows, AVi (early/initial autophagic vacuoles corresponding to autophagosomes); stars, AVd (late/degradative autophagic vacuoles including amphisomes and autolysosomes). Scale bars are 1 µm. D) Quantification of autophagosomes in non-infected (NI) and RV-infected MA104 cells (14 hpi). The data correspond to the mean of three-independent experiments with 25 cells per experimental point. Student's t-test, ns, p>0.05.