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Efficient thymocyte development is unaffected in CD205-deficient thymus.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 17:47 authored by William E. Jenkinson, Kyoko Nakamura, Andrea J. White, Eric J. Jenkinson, Graham Anderson

Thymocytes isolated from adult Ly75−/− and Ly75+/− littermate controls were analyzed by flow cytometry for: (A) CD4 and CD8 distribution, representative of ≥10mice, (B) Total thymus cellularity, n = ≥10, (C) CD48 double negative (DN) thymocyte distribution, CD44+25 (DN1), CD44+25+ (DN2), CD4425+ (DN3), CD4425 (DN4), n = ≥4, (D) CD69+ CD4+8+ double positive (DP) thymocytes, n = ≥4, (E) Foxp3+ T regulatory CD4 thymocytes, gated on CD4+8 TCRβhi CD25+ Foxp3+, n = ≥7, and (F) CD4+8 SP4 and CD48+ SP ratios, n = ≥4. Statistical analysis performed using Mann Whitney U test. n.s. (not significant). Error bars show ± standard error for indicated number (n) of mice examined.


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